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Established in 1980 primarily as a handcrafted log building company, we have constructed a great variety of structures that range from very simple to very elaborate. The common denominator in all of our projects is the use of traditionally joined heavy timber. 

For centuries, timber framing has proven itself as a superb structural building method. It has certainly motivated our hearts and souls to produce exceptional quality craftsmanship. This craft is executed at Northern Timberhouse by people driven by values that are no longer widespread in our modern society. Each and every one of our structures reflects that fact. 

Framing with heavy timber has been the core of our work since our company was born. In 1985, we were part of the small group that founded the Timber Framers Guild of North America. Ever since, we have been an active company member of the Guild and have participated in various Guild projects. Fueled by the generous willingness of all members to share information for the betterment of the craft, we have grown and improved in all aspects of timber frame construction. 

Our uncompromising conviction that timber framing is the best way to construct was strengthened every time we completed a project and our clients thanked us not just for the structure but also for the improvement it brought to their quality of life. 

Over the years, driven by our desire to improve our products, we have begun to place less emphasis on log buildings and more emphasis on timber framing. We still feel strongly that handcrafted log buildings deserve a spot in 20th and 21st Century building alternatives but we strongly advise careful consideration of all options before a decision is made. 

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Our shop and office are located in the Haliburton Highlands region of Ontario, Canada, about 200 km north of Toronto. Much of our work exists in Ontario. We have also completed projects in other Canadian provinces and have gone as far as Japan.

Our clients range from first time home owners to many architects, general contractors, institutional building projects and corporate accounts. 

We strongly believe and wholeheartedly emphasize that the presence of an Architect or Professional Designer in the construction team is of utmost importance. 

All of our structures are professionally engineered and we encourage our early participation at the planning stage of every project. Our experience and expertise is a valuable asset at the price-planning phase. 

When we are approached by prospects contemplating a timber frame structure, we encourage them to do two things 

1) look at the work that company has produced; and 

2) talk to the people the company has worked for. 

This goes a long way to ensure that their project will be executed by the kind of company they trust and enjoy dealing with. 

Right now, you'll be able to do some of that by looking through our Portfolio and More Info (Testimonials). Further references can be provided upon request. 


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