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Hopefully, by the time you get here, you should have seen what it is that we do at Northern Timberhouse. As we mentioned before, checking our work is one of the steps we encourage our prospective clients to do.

The second step we recommend is that you talk with actual clients we have performed work for. In the following pages, we publish excerpts from testimonial letters we have received over the years from
clients and architects.

Of course, we would be happy to provide you with more references and contact numbers so you can learn more about us.
Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied designer...Over the past six years, I have enjoyed working with you and your excellent team of craftsmen at Northern Timberhouse. The range of techniques and the expertise that you have been able to bring to each of the several projects that we've collaborated on has been truly remarkable. Your flexibility and creative approach to these projects that all had very different sizes, styles and budgets brought a high level of confidence into the process. Your interest in working as part of the design team from the concept stage right through to the completion of the job has also been appreciated: it's the kind of follow-through approach that both my clients and I appreciate. Working with you has been an educational experience also, since your in-depth knowledge of wood species and heavy timber construction is something that I certainly didn't cover in architecture school!

I look forward to completing more projects with you and your team in the future and will continue to give Northern Timberhouse the very highest recommendation to my clients.

David Gillett, B.Arch.
David Gillett Design
Orillia, Ontario
(705) 327-5147

Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied architect...Gordon Ridgely Architects have been in practice since 1970, specializing in high end, custom residential construction. Our hallmark has been attention to detail from inception of design through to the finished product. We have been working with Northern Timberhouse since 1988. Our first project was a renovation to a vacation property in Mulmer, Ontario. The scope of work involved traditionally joined timber trusses in the common areas of the home to provide a dramatic and intelligently executed interior space. The result was a huge success and firmly established for us Mr. Rico's competence, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Since then, Northern Timberhouse has become the "go-to-guy" for all of our projects involving traditionally joined construction. Their attention to detail and superior level of workmanship, along with an excellent understanding of construction practice, will ensure our continued involvement with them.

Steve Abrams
Gordon Ridgely Architects

Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied client...We have now formally completed our contract to build my new timber frame home in Uxbridge. I would like you to know that our contract represents approximately the fifth contract I have had with a home builder/renovator. Our relationship has not only been smooth but actually enjoyable in sharp contrast with some of my previous experiences. What distinguishes this project from my others? Firstly you have been very forthright with me. Secondly, your work has been of exceptional technical quality. Clearly, you have the master joiners' architectural skills right through to carpentry. Thirdly, you are associated with outstanding individuals and each sub-trade that you have brought in have been a pleasure to deal with and I enjoyed the individuals. Your own crew are unique and talented people.

There is no question that there has been a family feeling in the whole job and I respect the leadership that has created that feeling. Finally, you are a heck of a nice guy and I hope that we maintain what I regard as a friendship.

Brenda and I will always be glad that we recruited Northern Timberhouse to do this project.

Michael A. S. Jewett, MD, FRCSC
Toronto, Ontario

Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied client...Janine and I want to express our thanks and compliments to all of you for an excellent job. Especially for the white glove treatment to the pickled pine beams. We really appreciate the care and consideration given by all the crew to the concept and the erection process.

This merging and blending in timber frame to an existing house was a different undertaking and couldn't have been carried out without the wonderful co-operation we received from Northern Timberhouse.

Thanks to all for making our house a very special place.

Robert S. Bentley
Bolsover, Ontario

Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied client...We would like to say thanks for all your efforts and working creating our beautiful building. As you know, we started out about three years ago with a plan from our architect here in Munich. This plan originally was made for a somewhat larger house but we have never regretted that we finally settled with the present building size.

The plans for the timber frame, the logs and for all the subcontractors were made by you and we can say that they really work and nobody had any problems during the time of construction. We are happy that the building was finished on time with no major problems whatsoever arising in the past 12 months.

In respect of your work (timber frame, logs, chinking, deck, etc.) we can only say: spectacular! Not only we like this building very much. If you could only know how many people (even professionals) have admired our place! We are certainly proud of it.

We believe that there is hardly any cottage in the Highlands which comes even close to the quality of our cottage. Again, we want to say thank you for your exceptional work. The contract, including all verbal agreements, were fulfilled by you in a very reliable and trustworthy manner. Please convey our thanks also to your experienced staff. Good craftsmen!

Ernst & Inge Leinauer
Munich, Germany

Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied client...We have really appreciated the time and effort you and crew have put into making a major part of our dream a reality. Thank you so much for your attention and your craftsmanship of the finest calibre.

Rev. Ed Moll & family
Denbigh, Ontario

Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied client...It was a pleasure to have yourself and the rest of the Northern Timberhouse crew working on our cottage. It was a pleasure to see people who are so obviously enthusiastic and painstaking in their efforts to product a building such as this. I was impressed by their craftsmanship and hard work. The project not only met but exceeded my expectations.

In this day and age when one comes to expect less than perfect results in most endeavors, it is a pleasure to see people who not only obviously enjoy their work but take pride in their craftsmanship. My sincere thanks for your efforts.

John C. Cameron, M.D., FRCSC
Toronto, Ontario

Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied client...Just a short note to again emphasize how pleased we are with the work your team performed for us. They are a great group of guys and the whole experience was nothing but enjoyable.

Bart & Marina McCann
Guelph, Ontario

Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied client...We and my family are enjoying the house very much. The mountain was so beautiful in fall and we stayed there every weekend.

Yoshihisa Osio
Gifu, Japan

Northern Timberhouse Testimonials - a satisfied client...We fell in love with the timberframe concept very early in our deliberations, but the pivotal moment of the entire project to build our cottage and future retirement home in the Haliburtons was our chance encounter with Alfredo Rico at Northern Timberhouse. It took no time at all to appreciate that Alfredo and his team were going to make our dream happen.

We were not the easiest of clients. We were not to be detered from our schedule which was going to be careful, slow and methodical (and financially feasible!). We also wanted to make maximum use of the red pine timber which we had to clear from our lot to build our timberframe. We wanted something unique, but practical. We wanted to preserve our setting as much as possible. Most of all, we wanted to finish the interior of our frame ourselves, taking our time and building our leagacy for our children and theirs.

Northern Timberhouse designed and built for us a timberframe which has exceeded all of our expectations and has allowed us to fulfill our ambitions and dreams. From the incredible, warm colours and figure of the magnificent reclaimed Douglas fir timbers to the arching windows and excellent sight lines, we continue to be absolutely delighted with Alfredo's recommendations and our choices. We can also attest, from the comments of virtually all of our visitors, that Northern Timberhouse timberframe homes have outstanding "Wow!" value! A delightful experience whenever we show off our project!

We would not hesitate to recommend Northern Timberhouse to anyone contemplating a timberframe or log project. We enjoyed working with Alfredo because we always felt that we were working with a partner and friend who shared our excitement and dreams. His attention to detail, willingness to consider different ideas and approaches, resourcefulness, commitment and absolute integrity are his hallmark. You will know it when you meet him. Alfredo Rico builds dreams.

Val and John du Manoir
Oakville, Ontario

Dear Alfredo,
I just read about your Chamber of Commerce award as Business of the Year and had to write to offer my congratulations. You must be justifiably proud of this award, as it is an acknowledgement of the contributions you have made to this community over the years. You operate a sound business on sound principles and I am very pleased that you have been properly recognized.

Ken Brooks, Branch Manager
CIBC Minden

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