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Ravenna, Ontario

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Our proven track record on attention to details and clarity of communication gave this Ontario architect the confidence he needed to pick the right timber framing company to build his own home.

His "top of the mountain" site with spectacular views of Beaver Valley and Lake Huron required careful engineering due to exceptional wind loads.

NT - Meeting of the minds pic

Meeting of the minds before we lift the first bent with the crane.

NT - The first bend flies pic

And the first bent flies.

NT - Massive timbers pic

Bent #4 is in place. Note that its configuration is that of a Hammerbeam truss (no low tie). Its columns required massive 10x16 timbers.

NT - Last oak pegs pic

A day later, the clients hammer in the last two oak pegs under the direction of our Project Manager, Erik Scuhr, in full "Zimmerman" attire for the occasion.

NT - Proud against the sky pic

The main timber frame and the structure that joins it to the existing, stand proud against the sky.


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