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The staff at Northern Timberhouse is proud to have recently received the Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce "Business Of The Year" award for 1999.

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Northern Timberhouse Ltd. was named to Log Home Guide magazine's top 100 log home building companies in North America. "We chose Northern Timberhouse because we believe they are one of the best companies that we know of, given the 20 plus years we have been actively associated with the log home industry," says Doris Muir, editor and founder of Log Home Guide.

Log Home Guide's top 100 were chosen based on three categories:

1. first-hand, personal knowledge, visits to the log yards, models, corporate headquarters, as well as going on tours of the company mill and/or visits to one or more of their log structures;

2. information provided by customers that have log structures, including homes built by the builder and;

3. recommendations of peers in the log home industry. The information obtained from peers was actively sought over a period of years.

The editor-in-chief/editor, husband/wife team of Allan and Doris Muir have travelled over 20,000 miles over the last year to talk with the log home builders and manufacturers. They believe these builders, such as Northern Timberhouse (which was named Business of the Year by the Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce in 1999), are successful because of their constant dedication and commitment to excellence and quality in everything they do.

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