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Even though there is a lot of information available regarding timber frames, we feel just a few links from our page should suffice. These links are all different in nature and only you will be able to decide if any of them are suitable for your purposes.

We strongly recommend the
Guild link to all as it has very reliable information, gathered by an organization truly dedicated to the betterment of the craft. Guild accomplishments are notorious and often spectacular.
As well, we offer two links to commercial magazines that have been established for quite some time. Enterprises of this nature are rightfully dedicated to their clients.

And finally, the link to the CWC provides technical information, perhaps more suitable to Architects and Engineers. We trust you will enjoy them.
Timber Framers Guild of North America web site. As founding members of the Guild, we can only say it is one of the greatest organizations ever. Dedicated to the education of the members, it is perhaps the most comprehensive source of information on the craft. Lots of activities, seminars, workshops, conferences and more links. Becoming a member is easy and probably the best move for anyone seriously interested in timber framing.
Log Home Living & Timber Frame Homes. Monthly magazines' site has valuable and helpful hot links, floor plans and bookstore.
Log Homes Magazine Online. Everything you need to know about log homes, including decorating tips, foundations, roof systems and lots more.
The Canadian Wood Council is the national association for the structural wood products industry. Technical information on design and use of wood products. Engineering, architectural and construction manuals, design software and magazines for construction professionals.
Since 1978 Log Home Guide has been the most comprehensive coverage of the log home industry in the world. This was the pioneer magazine in the field and is widely recognized today as the standard and authoritative reference source of reliable information for the public and the log home industry.


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